Shinobi Tools (Ninki)

Generally speaking, shinobi tools (ninki) are not limited to climbing tools. Any shinobi tools are like the eyes of a net. Although there are multitude eyes, the place were birds are caught has no more than twelve eyes around one bird. Shinobi tools are just the same. Not all tools are used for each infiltration (shinobi iri). Before [infiltrating], learn about the enemyユs state of affairs. Then, choose what to carry with you at your own discretion, but do not carry many things. The reason is that using one tool for many purposes makes a skilled infiltration.


Folding Ladder--sketch guide

There are hard and flexible [types] of folding ladder. The hard type is commonly regarded as repairable. The flexible type is the one that folds for [the purpose of] infiltration. It is made of two bamboo poles so that its purpose will be obvious. It is [used] for learning about a place.

To make it, break a long bamboo and make it similar to a folding spear. The way to transform the small pieces to a usable long ladder is by tying the bamboo parts with a thin rope. [The method] of attaching the parts is a secret oral transmission (kuden).


High Ladder--skatch guide
attach an iron ring to the rope as shown in the skatch by inserting one line through the ring.

The aforementioned High Ladder is a shinobi tool for transporting [things]. Secret oral transmission (kuden).


Skatch of Paddle Blade (mizukaki)

The way for making the Paddle Blade is by shaping a flat piece of wood as depicted in the skatch. At the bottom there is a lathe. On the upper part there is a strap attached.

A view from above. The bottom part is revolving.

A view from the side.