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Membership and Fees


There are four types of membership: 1. Regular, 2. Veteran 3. Group, 4. Affiliation

Regular Membership Regular membership is open to all individuals regardless of citizenship, ethnicity, and gender, who are between the ages of 6yo to 70yo. Regular members enjoy full benefits including, access to all instruction and curriculum, participation in special training sessions, lectures, gathering events, trips, online activity, and access to all instructional materials.

To become a member, the applicant must submit an application form by e-mail, together with a facial photo as a digital file attachement when submitting the application form.

A submitted signed application will be reviewed for approval. To complete the entry procedure, the applicant will pay a one-time entrance fee of 4,000 Japanese Yen (¥), and the first month of training. (*monthly instruction fees may differ among instructors.) The new member will receive an organization patch to attach to the keikogi (training wear).

Veteran Membership This membership is for experienced martial artists who hold at least 1st Dan (black belt) in another martial discipline or organization. The applicant must submit the regular application form, and a letter detailing their martial history. In some cases, the applicant will receive an honorary Dan rank, but will have to train from the first level of the Shisenkan curriculum. Once the applicant becomes a member, the membership is considered Regular Membership with all the benefits and obligations as detailed in Regular Membership. A one-time entrance fee of 13,000 Japanese Yen (¥), and the first month of training is required. There wil be additional fee for the honorary diploma. The fee depends on the Dan level. The applicant will be informed of the fee as part of the applicaiton process.

Group Membership Group membership means that an existing martial training group, a dōjō, applies for entry to Shisenkan. In such a case, depending on assessment of each application, each member of the group will be required to submit an application for regular membership or as veteran membership as detailed above. After consideration of the particulars of each group, the group will receive a new dōjō name, and the head instructor will be recognized as a dōjōchō. The dōjōchō will be required to follow the curriculum of Shisenkan while leading and instructing the members of the dōjō in the curriculum.

Entrance fees are similar to those detailed in Regular and Veteran memberships.

Affiliation Membership The Affiliation Memberhsip is for existing dōjō or organizations who wish to learn parts of the Shisenkan curriculum while keeping their own martial discipline. For example, a Karate dōjō wishes to learn the curriculum for swordsmanship, or a Jūjutsu dōjō wishes to learn the curriculum for staff and stick fighting. Since such options are flexible, each request for affiliation will be assessed on its own merits. The final conditions of the affiliation will be agreed upon between Shisenkan and the applicant.