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Shisenkan means Hall of the Mystic Warrior. It further means, the hall of the invincible warrior scholar. This reflects the two paths of the true enlightened warrior, that of Bun 文, learning, and Bu 武, fighting. Throughout Japanese history, the most profound warriors have adopted this bunbu-no-michi 文武の道, often refered to as the "Way of the Brush and Sword."

Shisenkan is a sanctuary for the highest level of martial skills, martial ethics, discipline, and spirituality. It is a place of friendships and mutual efforts among its members. 

In Shisenkan anybody who is sincere, trains diligently, disciplined, and follows the organizations rules and requirments, will have access to all knowledge--open and hidden.

目録 Curriculum and Progress Recognition

The Shisenkan curriculum is all encompasing to include Taijutsu (unarmed fighting skills) and Buki (weapons), Kobudō theory and history, and Spiritual training. The Shisenkan Curriculum includes, but is not limited to the follwing categories and sub-categories:


Taijutsu "Unarmed Fighting Skills" 

a. Jūtaijutsu A comprehensive utilization of the body to apply a multitude of fighting skills, b. Jūjutsu Joints manipulations

c. Dakentaijutsu Strikes and kicks, d. Koppōjutsu Special power strikes and kicks e. Ninpō & Ninjutsu A unique array of techniques and world view.

Buki "Weapons"

Bōjutsu (staff & stick fighting skills): Rokushakubō (6 feet/180cm staff), Jō (4 feet/120cm staff), Hanbō ("half a staff" 3feet/90cm stick), Tanbō ("short stick" 1 foot/30cm stick).

Kenjutsu (sword fighting skills): Katana/Tachi (long sword), Kodachi (short sword), Tantō (knife)

Naginata-jutsu (halbard/glaive fighting skills): Naginata is a 30~55cm wide curved blade attached to a staff.

Sōjutsu (spear fighting skills): Yari (spear) is a 15-55cm straight blade attached to a 120cm~300+cm staff. The Yari taught in Shisenkan has a 35cm blade attached to a 180cm staff.

Shuriken-jutsu (blade projectiles throwing skills): five typs of Bō-shuriken (short pointy iron rods) and Senban-shuriken (curved pointy diamond-shaped iron-plate).

Kyūjutsu (bow&arrows shooting skills). Hankyū ("half a bow" 120cm-long bow)

Special weapons: Kusarifundō (iron chain), Te-no-uchi ("within the palm"), Kakushibuki ("hidden weapons"), others.

Tenmon Chimon (astronomy, weather, and ground).Understanding the day and night sky, weather patterns, topography, etc'.



There are two ranking tracks. The main ranking track includes a scale from 9th Kyū to 1st Kyū, marked by a green belt only or color rank-belts, and the black-belt scale from 1st Dan to 8th Dan. The Kyū level techniques and knowledge provides the building blocks for all martial experts, which then allow progression to the advance black-belt level techniques and knowledge.

The second is the weapons track. Each weapon's category follows a traditional certification system, starting with Kirigami "Initiation" level, and continues to Shoden "Beginning Level", Chūden "Midle Level", Okuden "High Level", and Goku'i "Mastership Level".

Progression (i.e., evaluation and testing) Progression is observed in training regularly, and teaching is adjusted to each deshi (student). When the student has reached the required skill level for a rank, a formal test is conducted by the instructor in front of the other deshi. Upon successful completion of the test, the deshi will receive an official certificate and an update to the deshi's record and membership card.



Bushi 武師 Bushi ("Martial Expert") is the initial level of mastership. It is conferred on a deshi who is at the rank of 4th Dan after passing successfully the Bushi test.

Shinan 師南 Shinan is a junior master. It is conferred on a deshi who is at the rank of 5th-6th Dan after passing successfuly the Shinan test.

Shihan 師範 Shihan is a master. It is conferred on a deshi who holds the rank of 7th-8th Dan after successfully passing the Shihan test.