The Purpose and Objectives of the Tokyo Shibu are:

  • to allow Japanese and non-Japanese to practice Kobudo (ancient martial traditions) and Goshinjutsu (self-defense) under the instruction of a Shihan of the Genbukan organization
  • to bring Genbukan Ninpo to a larger Japanese and non-Japanese population in the metropolitan Tokyo and abroad
  • to preserve and promote ancient martial traditions
  • to present a truthful teaching of Ninpo and the various martial traditions

Following the fourfold purpose listed above, the objective is to bring the student/practitioner to a satisfactory level of understanding and execution of techniques within a reasonable period of time. Similarly, to have the student/practitioner develop and sharpen his/her senses, to increase one's concentration and focus. More generally, to increase the student practitioner's self-confidence, and ultimately to endow the student with the tools for true and effective self-defense of the body, spirit and mind.