This section is for current dojo owners and instructors who wish to become affiliated with the Genbukan and/or KJJR organizations as branches of the Tokyo Shibu.

An affiliate dojo is under the administration and supervision of the Tokyo Shibucho. The dojocho is a personal student of Ron Shihan, receives his/her training and is tested* directly by Ron shihan. The dojocho of an affiliate dojo can contact Ron Shihan at any time for consultation, advice and instruction. Every affiliate dojo is recognized by Tanemura sensei, and is listed on the Genbukan dojo list.

Becoming an affiliate dojo is not an automatic procedure. Each application will be carefully reviewed. The Tokyo Shibucho reserves the right to refuse any application.

No honorary affiliations or grades will be issued by the Tokyo Shibucho.

As a special support mechanism, each dojocho/group-leader receives access to a restricted section on the Tokyo Shibu internet site. This section includes video clips, photos and explanation of techniques as requested by the dojocho/group leaders.

*certificates are issued and signed by Tanemura sensei and Tokyo Shibucho.

Intensive Training

Intensive Training is designed for those living abroad who wish to become deshi (students) at the Tokyo Shibu and establish their own group or dojo in their native country. The length of training is one month and incorporates training at the Tokyo Shibu under the instruction of Ron shihan and at the Honbu dojo under the instruction of Tanemura sensei.

The total number of training sessions per week is 6-8 times. Accommodation is arranged by the Tokyo Shibu. The practitioner is expected to attend every training session. Depending on the practitioner's previous experience and the level of commitment and proficiency, he/she may be awarded permission to form a group.