For those who reside in Japan for an extended period of time (at least one month) and can attend training on a regular basis. Regular Members will have all the privileges associated with membership in the Genbukan World Ninpo Federation and/or KJJR. They will receive the Genbukan Membership Card, the Taijusu Manual Book by Soke Tanemura sensei, will be able to participate in any Genbukan and/or Tokyo Dojo extra curricular activity, and will receive their grade diplomas from the Genbukan headquarters with the signature of the Soke, and more.

If you have a question concerning Regular Membership please send your enquiry using the contact form (link in the navigation bar above).

  • Enterance Fee

Initial one-time membership fee for Japan residents is..................10,000 Japanese Yen (including member passport, Genbukan patch for your dogi, and Taijutsu Manual)

Initial one-time membership fee for residents abroad is..................6,500 Japanese Yen (including member passport, Taijutsu Book, and Genbukan patch for your dogi)

  • Monthly Fee..............6,000 Japanese Yen.

The monthly fee is paid at the beginning of every month, and includes all training sessions during that month.


Sunday 0900-1100

Wednesday 1930-2100

Training schedule may change occasionally.